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dizzythoughtsandrecklesslives-d said: I love your blog. I can relate to you alot! Keep up the good work you seem like such a beautiful and strong person! you can do this! <3 and if you need any support my ask is always open! :)

Thank you so much dear! And thank you for believing in me, you have no idea how much it really means! Your blog is wonderful too<3

“I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health.”

Voltaire (via thekindanon)

:)))) Woot let’s keep it up!

grainesdetournesol replied to your post: Yesterday

Good job!! This is great! We’re doing so well! :)


I haven’t written in a while I guess. Well the night before last night I got into an argument with Mom. So I ended up being depressed and what not for the most of the night and then slept until 12:30 in the afternoon. Then I went to the beach with my family, which kept me distracted. Actually I was distracted for the rest of the day, while making food and not thinking about binging and eating (I must have consumed a million calories of regular food though) and then I definitely over-drank wine and champagne (what do you know, no vomiting). And woke up this morning. Which is to say that I was binge-purge free for an entire day :D This definitely was not the best way to keep myself distracted but from a b/p perfect streak of the past week, it’s a start. :)

From being caged with something scary called Bulimia to confidence, health, beauty, and self-respect.

Female. 19. 5'8" (173cm). 129lbs (59.5kg).

Bulimia is not funny. It's not a game one plays and later laughs. It is a monster that grows within and then drags one in, away from self-respect, from social life, from any kind of understanding or care from others, into a deep, dark hole. This is my journey to crawl out of that nasty place, back into the beautiful light of life, to enjoy it at last.

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